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About Us

About Us

Our law firm clients deserve and demand excellence from the top down. Our team has a total of over 65 years of in-house law firm experience and we repeatedly saw first-hand the challenges law firms face to fill their marketing, business development, human resources and recruiting positions. We saw how job boards weren’t yielding results. We heard from many firms about how many consultants didn’t understand their market. We do know the legal market, and we are committed to propelling high achievers forward who can help drive further innovation and growth in legal services. 

Jennifer Johnson Scalzi

Founder & President

I founded JJES after countless conversations with legal marketing leadership across the nation who said they hadn’t found a recruiter who was focused enough to understand their staffing challenges.

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Gordon Braun-Woodbury

Marketing Operations Consultant

“With the digital marketing revolution in full swing, I see huge potential for law firms to build high performance marketing teams by taking advantage of new tools and metrics.”

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Stephanie Owens

Recruiting Advisor

“I’m highly motivated to help build exceptional teams because I’ve witnessed the shared success that happens when the right people come together. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see how talent can drive the innovation and growth needed to keep our law firm clients moving forward.”

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Carol Crawford

Managing Director

"As a client of JJES, I worked closely with the team on marketing and business development placements. Now, I want to bring that same level of service, thought leadership and industry expertise in the HR, Recruiting and Talent Development arena.”   

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Whitney Hudson

Head of communications

“I believe that communication isn't just what you say, but how you say it. My function at JJES is to capture the data and insights we encounter in our work every day, analyze it, and make it available to our network of clients and candidates."

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Kate Harry Shipham


“Prior to switching careers into executive search, I practiced law in Melbourne, Australia. I have seen first-hand how law firm organizational dynamics, culture and the partnership hierarchy comes into play both from the fee earning and the recruiting side.”

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Robyn Cohen


“Having spent nearly two decades in corporate America and making the transition into recruiting, I am excited to now use my business experience to help JJES’ clients meet their strategic goals.”

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