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(Truly) Taking Marketing To The Next Level: How the Composition of Law Firm Marketing Staffs is Evolving

Kate Harry Shipham

Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing (by Kate Harry & Jennifer Scalzi)

How the Composition of Law Firm Marketing Staffs Is Evolving

When we begin a talent search for a client, we often hear that they want to “take it to the next level.” But what does “next level” really mean? Is it just a buzzword that we deploy at conferences because it sounds good, or is there truly a “next level” marketer waiting in the wings? Our response is yes, we do believe a next level exists. We believe the marketplace is yearning to attain more sophisticated levels within marketing and business development. We also believe that the marketplace is slightly ambivalent because it doesn’t know what “it” will look like when we’ve reached this next level.

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