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Industry Insights Blog

Jennifer Scalzi in Forbes, "Please Step Forward: Claiming Your Place as a Leader"

Jenn Scalzi

Jennifer Scalzi's personal testimony on her transition to leadership was published in the Forbes article, "Please Step Forward: Claiming Your Place as a Leader." In it, Jennifer discusses the professional shift that set the course for her decision to move away from doing and begin truly building. This kind of evolution doesn't come with a roadmap or without its challenges, but as Jennifer explains: "It is humbling to willingly walk into change and embrace the certain discomfort. Choosing to lead will test your limits and your fortitude, but remaining the same could prove even more difficult. Either option is a risk, but your professional evolution it at stake. My new role has heightened my tolerance for original thought, effecting change, and stirring up productive trouble. Now I can enjoy the view of what’s ahead, and I know I won’t have to do it alone."

Read Jennifer's full testimony on Forbes here.